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hi there friends, we’re

the macleans


We’d love to introduce ourselves, and hope that you’ll like what you see. We’re Kelsey and Morgan MacLean (aka Kels&Morg, aka The MacLeans). We’re a husband and wife team specializing in photography and videography. We love love, so much, seriously, give us a pair of humans totally crazy about each other and we’ll be happy as clams.

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We are pretty crazy about beer, travel (like duhh who wouldn’t want to go explore the world and all of the amazingness a brand new place has to offer), and documenting all the real and raw moments. We want to preserve memories, our own included, just the way they are, whether that be making out in a rainstorm on your wedding day because that’s just what the weather gods wanted, dipping into a freezing cold lake on your engagement shoot, to just being with your sweetheart in your home have a wee pillow fight in your man-made fort. What’s most important to us is that you RECOGNIZE the two humans looking back at you in your photos with us, that they make you realize how special your love is, how awesome your bestfriend is, and that regardless about the fragility of life, you did something right in this world to deserve such an amazing human to spend forever with. To help get you nice and comfy in front of the camera so that you and your cutiepie can be your real selves, we want to be so much more than just your “wedding photographers”, we want to be your friends, we want you to realize that you are in good hands and we got you covered, and that means plenty of double dates with beers, phone calls, and of course we are always just an email away if you have any questions or need help with anything related to your big day.  

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On a personal note we have been together for just over 10 years, so basically since we were little babies just fresh out of highschool. We are pretty crazy about that PDA life, and honestly, an ideal date would be hanging out at our little family cabin at Galiano Island, picking up a couple of growlers of some tasty local brews, a variety of cheeses and meats, and setting in for a movie. We are each other’s bestfriends, and when decided to tie the knot we did it in Morgs childhood backyard with our closest friends and family, with a wedding cake baked by my mum, wrote out vows that made everyone cry, and danced under the stars until the sun came up, it was literally the best day ever!

If we sound like your kinda humans, then we’d love to chat with you further and learn all about you and your sweetheart. Feel free to shoot us an email at