The Loft at Earls - Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Where do we even begin, Sara + Dylan got married this past April at the Loft at Earls in Vancouver, B.C. and we were lucky enough to be their wedding photographers. Sara was actually the bridesmaid at a destination wedding we shot in Kelowna B.C., for one of our other amazing brides Randi. Sara wrote us an email that literally had me smiling from ear to ear, she wrote: “My boyfriend and I just got engaged and I immediately thought of you when I started to plan! (Aka the next day). You were so amazing at Randi’s wedding! I was wondering if I could get price quotes from you/packages you offer etc!”, like, fuck yes! We then went back and forth emailing each other as Sara tried to figure out the logistics of planning a wedding (never an easy task to do), and finally settled on the amazing loft at earls right in the heart of Yaletown, Vancouver. This wedding day was so outta this world amazing, with hands down SUCH a bombass wedding party, a short & sweet ceremony, speeches that had everyone crying, including myself (no surprise there), and our bride + groom absolutely RIPPED it up on the dance floor, okay, maybe not our groom, but our bride sure killed it! We cannot say enough good things about Sara + Dylan’s wedding day, so here’s a bajillion photos to help us relive their best day ever!

The Loft at Earls - Vancouver Wedding

An indoor swimming pool, champagne & good friends

Sara got ready with her 7 bridesmaids and a few of her closest friends & family members at an airbnb that came with a flipping INDOOR SWIMMING POOL!!! She got all of her girls matching robes, we popped some bottles, danced around, and slowly but surely made our way to the limo to arrive at yaletown.

A twinkling light ceremony at the Loft at Earls

Sara’s dad walked her down the aisle as her 13 person wedding party stood upfront waiting for her. Their ceremony was so beautiful, short and sweet and to the point, simply “I do”. As we photographed this bistro light covered ceremony, I swear every single guest there (ourselves included) couldn’t stop smiling.

Granville Island Wedding Party Photos

We decided to take the gang to Granville Island to do the majority of their wedding party photos. Granville island is such a gem in Vancouver for providing an array of backdrops for photos. Parking can be a little bananas, but luckily Morg & I were able to hitch a ride in Sara + Dylan’s wedding limo. This wedding party, I cannot even begin to explain how much fun they were, how silly, how beautiful, how awesome they were and what good friends they all are to Sara + Dylan. The wedding party kept these twos’ drinks flowing, had them dancing and serenaded and had SUCH an amazing energy the entire flipping day.

We took Sara + Dylan down this little dock in Yaletown for some portraits on their own right before their wedding party entrance back at the loft.


Speeches, tears, and donuts

I always love hearing speeches at wedding days. I love hearing about how somebody met our couple, what their relationship means to them, how important they are in their lives. I definitely choked up more than once during Sara + Dylan’s speeches.

We love to take our couples out for golden hour shots at every single wedding, just for 10 minutes or so, unfortunately the sun decided to peace the fuck out for us soooo we took some bonus blue hour shots for about 5 minutes before our couple’s first dance.

Dancing the night away

My favourite is when everyone, I mean like, EVERYONE gets onto the dance floor, at least for a couple of songs. It’s always a good sign if the DJ is able to keep the crowd engaged and dancing for more than like, a second. We love getting right into the mix of things and capturing all the twerks and shakes that your mama gave ya! Sara + Dylan thank you thank you THANK YOU again for having us!


Hair + Makeup Artist:
Wedding Dress:
Day of Coordinator:

Kind Words

“Hi Kelsey!! (And Morgan of course)
Sorry it’s taken me so long to email you. I just wanted to let you know I’m overwhelmed by how beautiful the photos are. I have literally sent the link to every family member & girl in my bridal party. I am SO happy with them and I don’t even know where to start to pick my favourites! Thank you for helping us relive our day all over again and helping our awkward asses look great!! We love you guys!! You have such an amazing talent and I’m so happy you are both living your dreams (and being beyond awesome at it at that).”

What to Wear to your Engagement Photoshoot: {Vancouver Engagement Photographer}

What to Wear

One of our favourite ways to get to know our couples even more is through an engagement session! All of our wedding packages include a complimentary engagement shoot because we believe it’s SO important for you to know us just like we wanna know you two! We want to be invited into your wedding day, into your relationship, and one of the best ways we can do is through your engagement shoot!


Engagement Session Tips

I’ve talked about how best to prepare and take advantage of this memorable date night aka your engagement shoot before (here’s a link to that blog post right here:, but today, I wanted to take a deeper dive into outfits that really photograph well, and work well with our shooting style.

Outfits that Allow for Movement

First things first, you should know how Morg and I shoot. We LOVE capturing real, authentic, and genuine emotions and connection between our couples. Being highschool (pretty much) sweethearts, we are pretty crazy about each other, and we really have no shame in tasteful PDA and showing the world just how much we love each other. How this physical touch love language translates at our engagement and couples shoots is a TON of running around, dancing, and silly games. There will also be a lot of sitting and climbing into each other’s laps, piggy back rides and snuggles at our shoots, which means you need to wear outfits to your engagement or couples session that allow for this kind of movement.

Seasonal Outfit Ideas

For this portion of the shoot, we recommend you wear something that is comfortable yet flattering for both of you. Keep in mind that the weather will help shape what you should wear, for example:

Warm Summer Time Outfits:
Something like high waisted shorts + crop tops, or a romper, a cute hat and birkenstocks or barefoot for you, and pants, converse and and a plain tshirt for him.

Cold Winter Outfits:
For him a sherpa lined jacket with a white or black top underneath, blundstones, and a cozy toque, for you a buffalo plaid jacket, a white bodysuit, and some Levis.

At Home Sessions:
Or my all time favourite, at home sessions I’m obsessed with body suits with an oversized cardigan on you, and him going topless with some good fitting jeans. Perfection!

Fancy Pants

Next, we love something a little fancier, these are your engagement photos after all and who doesn’t love to dress up! Flowy maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and a jean jacket look bomb diggity on ladies, and for your boo a nice pair of pants, a brown chelsea boot, a belt and a nice button down look SO friggen good, I literally cannot even!

Complimentary colours/patterns

You’ll want to compliment each other but not be too matchy matchy. Long are the days gone for getting everyone in dark jeans and a white tshirt at photoshoots, and thank god, it’s always nice when what you plan on wearing something that also complements what your sweetheart is wearing, without matching too much. Neutrals are a great way to do this, nothing with really loud obnoxious graphics or neon colours, oh my goodness!

Bonus tips:

  • If you are unsure about an outfit, at all, I absolutely love it when our couples bring a variety of outfit options or email me before our shoot with outfit ideas. I’ll be able to let you know what pairs well with each other and what will work well with the environment/location we are shooting at.

  • Thinking about where you are shooting and if what you are wearing works well with that environment is really important! Will we be hiking or on the beach? Heels probably aren’t the best idea, but a sexy swimsuit and barefoot is perfection! Will we be wandering around little coffee shops at Granville Island? A long flowy dress and dress pants will work amazing here!

  • Be yourselves! Most importantly, we want you to look back at this collection of photos and recognize the two humans totally buttcrazy in love! Wear clothes that compliment who you two are, what you feel confident in, and are a reflection of you!

  • Want even more resources on what to wear to your engagement photoshoot? Here’s our Pinterest board full of ideas

Pancake Breakfast at Home Couple's Session {Fraser Valley Photographer}

Making Pancakes in your underwear with your boo thang; a Fraser Valley couple’s at home session


The Perfect Sunday Morning

Living in the Fraser Valley means that we get our fair share of rain during the colder months, which makes for the kinda days that make you just want to cuddle up in bed, sip on coffees and read that book you’ve had on your bedside table for months now. Warin invited me into her home to document her and Brandon having a typical cuddly cold morning together, you know, make pancakes in the living room, snuggles with their kitty, & just enjoy finally having a morning off together from their busy schedules (okay, I may have made them move their kitchen into the livingroom, but the lighting was just so creamy in there).

Warin is also a kickass wedding photographer:
Hair and makeup:

Coffee in Bed

I can’t tell you how many times I crave mornings like this with Morg, as adulthood hits us, the luxury of actually having a morning that lines up with each other where you both have it off and can just do nothing without guilt is so flipping nice. Something my dad used to do for my mum all the time (and I’m sure he still does because he’s just that sweet) was bring my mum coffee in bed. I think it’s gestures like this, the little things, that help us continue to fall deeper and more in love with our sweethearts.

Physical Touch Love Language

Being in front of the lens for let’s be real, such a vulnerable shoot I understand can be so nerve wracking. But these are the moments that I want our couples to remember, forever, our youth and lust and those mornings when it’s just you two. Being invited into a couples relationship, into a world that only those two people really know, and allowing me to document this part of you that no one really sees makes me feel just so lucky and thankful that I get to call this my career.

A Little Bailey, Kitten Cuddles and a Pillow Fight

After pouring a little baileys into our coffees, I introduced the idea of having a good old fashion pillow fight. Brandon was more than game for this idea and promptly grabbed the biggest pillow he could find while chasing Warin around with it. I can’t even begin to say how much fun and romantic this shoot was, can all our Sunday’s be this adorable please?!

Ready to book an at home session with your boo? Shoot us an email

Creative Wife and Joyful Worker Photoshoot {Fraser Valley Photographer}

A husband and wife photoshoot in the Fraser Valley


In Vancouver, we seem to only have two kinds of weather, rainy and wet, or sunny and beautiful af. I first met Cody in the online world, and after a few emails back and forth I found myself with Cody and her husband James in the parking lot of a very very isolated beach (which is normally swamped with humans on a sunny day), on a very windy afternoon. Cody is a Fraser Valley blogger called Joyful Wife and Creative Worker (, and a mama of 3 littles. I really wanted to shoot Cody and James on their own, one because I seldom shoot family sessions anymore, and two, I love helping couples focus in on their own relationship between just the two of them.

Nailing their Shoot

We wandered around the sandy beaches at Crescent Beach, barefoot, with windswept hair. Okay, maybe I’m glamming that up a bit, but Cody completely rocked this shoot especially given the weather conditions, while I felt like a hot mess behind the camera bouncing around to keep warm, rocking the highest top knot.

Creating Connection

Cody told me that her and James hadn’t had a photoshoot of just the two of them for AGES, and I felt so honoured and lucky to be able to document this mamabear and dad’s love for one another. We spent the windy afternoon getting to know each other/making connections on who we knew in the Fraser Valley female business owner/boss babe industry, and documenting. Cody and James were so sweet chasing each other around the beach, tickling and laughing non-stop, but also having an afternoon to themselves and connecting together.

Your guide to photos at the Chilliwack Tulip Festival

The Chilliwack Tulip Festival

chilliwack fraser valley tulip festival

The Chilliwack Tulip Festival is you guessed it, a big old farm filled with SO MANY TULIPS, it is utterly amazing! My good friend and fellow blogger/calligrapher/boss babe, female entrepreneur, Bev (, and I spent an evening exploring the 20 acres of 6 million (with over 30 different varieties) tulips. This festival is the BIGGEST tulip festival in Western Canada, and just a short drive away from Pitt Meadows, making it an ideal photoshoot/date night/frolic about and get some new insta worthy photos place to go!

Here are some of my biggest tips to help you get awesome photos at this springtime Fraser Valley tulip festival:

chilliwack tulip festival 2019
chilliwack tulip festival 2019

Time/Hours of Operation

You’ll want to ensure that you check what time this festival opens and closes BEFORE you arrive at the festival. Bev and I planned on coming for sunset, but due to an accident on Hwy 1, the entire highway was bumper to bumper traffic, leaving us arriving AFTER the closing time at this festival. After a panic filled phone call to the staff at the Chilliwack Tulip Festival, they were so generous in letting us stay a bit after the closing time, which gave us the entire field to ourselves and allowed us to get the photos we needed (especially given that we had driven over an hour to get here).

Foot ware

The fields at the tulip festival are MUDDY, this is a working farm and pathways around the property can get pretty rough after a rainy day. I highly suggest you bring two pairs of shoes, one for walking around in (rubber boots or an old pair of converse work great), and one pair for your photos that you don’t mind getting a little dirty (darker colours work great here). Speaking of walking, make sure you respect the property by not walking on any areas of the property that is clearly not permitted and potentially hurting the future plants/baby flowers.


The festival has a store on site that sells bunches of tulips, these make the perfect props for your photos, which personally I find it really nice to hold something while I’m getting my photo taken so I can focus more on the camera and less on what my arms/hands are doing.
There’s also this amazing giant wooden swing set at the festival that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of, which was such a nostalgic experience and as soon as I started swinging on it made me feel like I was 10 years old again.


Check the weather forecast before you plan on attending the festival. If it’s going to be raining, that means A WHOLE lot of mud, slipping and sliding around. However, rain does mean less crowds, giving you more access to different parts of the fields and tulips, and a nice overcast day really photographs well. If it’s going to be sunny, you’ll want to avoid snapping photos in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest and harshest, there’s really not a lot of shade at the Chilliwack tulip festival, so shooting at either early morning, or late in the afternoon is best.

Make a Date Night out of the Festival

The property is pretty much the perfect place to set up a little charcuterie board picnic situation for you and your sweetheart. After you’ve thoroughly explored and taken your hearts fill of photos with the millions of tulips, pop down on the grass with a blanket, have a picnic (or grab some stroop waffles from one of the Food Trucks that are set up at this festival), cozy up and people watch.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for getting the best selfies at the Chilliwack Tulip Festival!

Shannon + Ryan Pitt Lake Engagement {Pitt Meadows Wedding Photographer}

An Engagement Session at Pitt Lake, Pitt Meadows


Documentary Engagement Photoshoot

Wow, I seriously CANNOT believe it’s taken me THIS long to blog such a genuine, romantic and documentary engagement session that I had with Shannon and Ryan this past summer at Pitt Lake in Pitt Meadows.

Shan and I have known each other since we were about 5, yep you read that right, we were preschool buddies and bffs until about 14 when we went our separate angsty teen ways apart, only to reconnect later in our adult years. When I saw that Shannon and Ryan were engaged, I just KNEW I had to documented these two tattooed hotties.

Humans in Love and Best Friends

As soon as I met up with Shannon and Ryan, it was completely obvious that these two are best friends, which just made my heart SO freaking happy! Any shoot that involves a fern fight will always be a win in my books, these two ran around Pitt Lake, we reminisced about our younger years, they danced around and literally could not stop making each other laugh our entire session or smiling at each other, talk about a couple of soulmates. I cannot thank these two enough for being such romantic, genuine humans totally in love, and for allowing me to document this session!

Weekend in Keremeos/Cawston, {Okanagan Photographer}

okanagan photographer

Weekend Getaway in the Okanagan

At the end of this past summer, Morg and I were hired to photograph some of our amazing friends/clients wedding day, that happened to take place in the Okanagan (Cawston to be exact). Of course Morg and I decided to turn this one day event into a weekend getaway, because one, it was my birthday that weekend and we were actually shooting the wedding on my birthday, and two, we had never been to this part of the Okanagan before and any excuse to spend more time together is always a win win in our books.

Airbnb in Keremeos

We stayed in this ADORABLE little airbnb with the sweetest hosts, Norma Jean and her husband and their little pup, who although likes to make himself vocal, is such a little baby and cuddly dog. Our hosts were absolutely fabulous, our stay included homemade breakfasts each morning, which ranged from homemade pancakes with fresh local nectarines, scrambled eggs, toast made from bread picked up at the local bakery called Tree To Me (which we picked up a fresh loaf of this garlicy cheesy delicious bread right before we drove home and oh my god you guys, it was SO flipping good!) Norma Jean also was an avid jams/jellies and preserves maker, which living literally surrounded by so many fruit farms it would be such a shame not to preserve these fruits. Norma’s jams were so tasty, I don’t think I’ve seen morg eat so much toast in one sitting.

Local Eats and Drinks

After we checked in on our first night in Keremos we met up with our wedding couple, Chase and Rheann and got a tour of their backyard wedding setup, we met with their wedding party and family as well and had a drink with everyone which was so nice as everyone treated us with welcoming arms and like friends. After doing some photo location scouting, Morg and I went to a little Thai restaurant (which I think was like 1 or 5 restaurants located in this small but cozy town(s)), and after to The Wrong Turn Tavern for a drink before heading home. The next day was Chase and Rheann’s wedding, which I’ll get into deep detail in a future blog post showcasing this ABSOFREAKINGLOUTLY amazing day, literally, every time I think about this day I just can’t help but smile, it was PERFECT. We decided to stay an extra night after the wedding day, which allowed us to wake up late after our big day of shooting, and I took some photos of the airbnb we were staying at for our hosts.

Post-Wedding Day Shoot

After a big sleep in post wedding day and a morning run, Morg and I had a few too many cups of coffee and a nice morning breakfast in the garden. Late that afternoon after we spent some time wandering around in an apple orchard, we met up with our couple again to do a sunset day after wedding shoot, which again, will be it’s own blog posts because god damn, I wish that EVERY couple wanted to do something this fun! We headed up this little mountain/hill spot with our couple and popped a bottle of champagne and had such an amazing shoot with them. After so many laughs and reminiscing about the day before, we said goodbye to our couple and headed back to our airbnb for a homemade dinner that our awesome hosts cooked up.

Apple Orchards in the Okanagan

On our final morning our airbnb’s hubby took us and another couple who was staying in another room at the airbnb to a friend’s apple farm that was absolutely MASSIVE and had SUCH an array of apples of all varieties, it was such a nice way to stretch our legs & let our coffee kick in. Our final stop was at a little fruit stand, Parson’s Fruit Stand,, and picked up a bunch of delicious, locally grown zucchinis, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, nectarines, apples, and a few jams for stocking stuffers (because I’m insane about planning & prepping ahead of time). Our five hour drive home went by as we listened to an audiobook that had us both giggling nonstop, after such a great weekend.


Danielle + David Couples Session, Whytecliff Park

Humans in love, couples session at Whytecliff Park

danielle david whytecliff park couples session

Let me start out by saying, I’ve already blogged Danielle and David’s photoshoot at Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver, we were using one website host last year and this year I made the switch, which, unfortunately, lost ALL of our previously created blog posts. I just loved this photoshoot at Whytecliff Park so much though and the love Danielle and David have for one another that I knew I had to make another and reblog this couples session.

Danielle had been a longtime lurker on instagram and when she reached out to me and told me about her and David’s relationship, I was over the moon excited about documenting these two out at this amazing West Vancouver beach (which was my first time going to this particular location, but have since been back a good handful of times, it’s simply STUNNING).

We started our session by getting to know each over a couple of parking lot beers, I learnt about Danielle and David’s relationship and careers and passions and interests together. These two were nothing but giggles, David’s care and attention for Danielle was literally swoon worthy as he treated her with such care and respect, and the way that Danielle would laugh with David, you know that like, big deep belly laughs that take over your whole body? Danielle had those constantly with David, they were in their own world during our whole shoot and I really rocked the professional third wheel roll this shoot.

We shot until the light was so far gone and the crowds were minuscule, I could have shot these two all night long, their connection together was so strong and they just ROCKED it in front of the lens (which among the many pre-shoot emails together, Danielle claimed that they didn’t have any good photos together, and were awkward together), guys, they freaking KILLED it at their photoshoot and couldn’t be anything further than awkward! I absolutely love bringing out couples love for each other and documenting those genuine moments and connections that they have, and making them feel like the beautiful babes that they are!

Psst, wanna know how you can get all the emotions and feels during your photoshoot? I made a blog post with 5 tips on how to do just that:

I’m so glad that I decided to reblog this session, just going through these photos has made me CRAVE another couples summer photoshoot at Whytecliff Park asap!

5 tips to make the most of your engagement session

5 tips to make the most of your engagement session

We get it, not everyone has done an “engagement photoshoot” before, but guess what, we’ve done a SHITLOAD of them, and they can be SO much fun and such a memorable experience for you and your boo! Here are our top 5 tips to making the most of your engagement shoot so that you can have photos and memories of this amazing time in your relationship (and some new insta photos that aren’t selfies, I’m looking at you Becky).

whytecliff engagement photos

Tip 1: Location + Time of the Year

Location!!! Where and when we do your engagement shoot is ENTIRELY up to you two! Choose somewhere that is significant or unique to your relationship, or let’s go on an ADVENTURE together! Is there somewhere that means so much to you two, like where you had your first date, your fav summer vacation spot, or the place that he popped the question?
Time of the year!!! Depending on when your wedding day is and duration of your engagement, will determine the best time for you to have your engagement session. You may consider having a winter engagement shoot if your having a hot August wedding, or you may opt for engagement photos asap once you’ve gotten engaged if your planning your wedding in less than a year. Try to keep in mind turnaround time for editing photos if you’re planning on using any of the engagement photos for your save the dates or your invitations.
We are ALWAYS happy to offer suggestions on where to go and what time of the year would be best to shoot, just let us know vision and we’ll make it a reality!

Tip 2: So Fresh and so Clean

Get your hair and makeup done! If you’re setting up a trail for your wedding day we highly recommend that you schedule this in for the day of your engagement shoot, that way you KNOW you’ll look absolutely ahhhmaaaazing, and this will take away from the stress of ensuring you look perfect. Often times if you ask your hairstylist, they’ll be able to do your hair how you’d like for the wedding day, then pin it up/change it slightly for your engagement photos, that way you’ll still be able to keep the surprise of how you’ll look on your wedding day.

Tip 3: What to Wear

Choose outfits for you and your boo that your COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in! I cannot stress this enough! The worst feeling is wearing something that is too tight in all the wrong places then being forced to have a million photos of you in said outfit! Pick out well in advance what you’ll wear and something that compliments you for your sweetheart to wear. I always recommend that our couples bring at least two outfits: one that’s a bit more dressy and classic, like long flowy dresses for her and dress pants with a button down top for him, and a second outfit that’s a bit more of you two, like jean shorts with a crop top and a cute hat for her, and shorts with a tee for him. Here’s a MASSIVE and probably overly excessive but I’m way too in love with Pinterest Board that I created for all of our couples for some visuals on what kind of outfits photograph well.

Tip 4: Be Yourselves!

Understand that it’s okay to be silly and yourselves in front of the lens! I WANT you guys to look back at these photos and think “damnnnnn we are so lucky” and RECOGNIZE yourselves! None of that stuffy posed bs that was popular at our parents weddings, we want you guys to be so in love and lost in each other that honestly, I might have to cough to remind you that I’m still there.
Here’s a guide I created for capturing emotional and intimate portraits of you and your boo!

Tip 5: Make Some Memories

Make it such a special and memorable experience and fully embrace the whole “we’re engaged” thing. You’re engagement shoot with me will occur at either sunrise or sunset, and for the ladder, I cannot recommend enough making the engagement shoot just one part of your night together. Go for dinner and drinks after and talk about all the FUN that your wedding day is going to be, none of the stressful little details that seem to want to consume us while we plan one of the best and biggest days of our lives, but simply how AWESOME it’s going to be! Whether you have a big or a small engagement, this moment in your life is so fleeting and special, remember to take the time to appreciate and enjoy it!

Pitt Lake Spring Engagement Session {Melissa & Ted}

Melissa + Ted’s Spring Pitt Lake Engagement Session

I honestly feel so lucky to have had such amazing previous wedding clients, like Justine, who referred us out to Melissa and Ted, who shortly after getting engaged, Melissa wrote me an email asking if I would photograph her and her boo which just made me SO happy! I started Melissa and Ted’s engagement session at Foamers Folly Brewing Co in Pitt Meadows for a couple of beers on the patio one a beautiful Spring Sunday. Lately I’ve been encouraging all of our couple’s to start our engagement session over drinks, it’s a really nice way for everyone to get comfortable with each other and get to know each other/catch up, and especially helps with any little nerves that might be bouncing about. Plus craftbeer is delicious.

Dancing and butt grabbing

We drove out to one of my favourite photo spots in Pitt Meadows (our hometown), Pitt Lake and began their engagement session. I recently updated our engagement session shooting playlist, so I decided this would be a good session to try out some new tunes. Melissa and Ted were SUCH good sports about dancing around in the little sunshine that we could find and couldn’t keep their hands off each other, they were too adorable! Sometimes I find that this particular spot at Pitt Lake can be SUPER busy, but given that we had a bit of snow on the ground and it wasn’t the absolute warmest day, we only bumped into a couple of dog walkers which was awesome.

country roads and mountains

We finished off our engagement session by trying out some shots that I’d been dying to try! Melissa got up on Ted’s shoulders and I don’t think any of us stopped laughing during this process as Melissa had to literally climb onto the back of Ted’s car just to just up! Gahhh this session just filled my heart up to the brim with smiles and love, I’m so thankful for such wonderful humans that believe and trust in our business and us!

5 Tips for Emotional Photos {Pitt Meadows Wedding Photographer}

5 Tips for Emotional Photos

Whether it be your wedding day or engagement photos, we always want our couples to be able to look back at their photos that we’ve taken and think “damn, we are so lucky”. We want our couples to really be themselves in front of us, to relish in the moments they have with us, to build memories that they’ll remember for years to come and to appreciate one another, because you are getting MARRIED to your BEST FRIEND and your SOUL MATE, and that’s pretty damn amazing. Here are our 5 tips for more emotional photos.

Pitt Meadows Wedding photographer

Public Displays of Affection

Prepare BEFORE your shoot mentally with your partner. If you’ve ever seen photos of Morg and I (which if you’re reading this, let’s hope you’ve crept our instafeed), we’re pretty heavy on PDA (tasteful PDA but PDA nonetheless). We get that not everyone is going to want to makeout in front of the lens, but a tasteful amount of sexinessness and embracing your inner bootylicious self is strongly encouraged. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when it’s appropriate for these moments and will just let you do your thang with your boo.

Hold Each Other

I’ve really only got one rule at engagement sessions, and that’s during your entire shoot I want you and your boo to be touching each other physically in some way, whether it’s getting totally tangled up in each other’s arms or simply holding hands. Cheeseball moment, but to me there’s nowhere else in the entire world that I’d wanna be any time of the day but Morg’s arms, their big and strong, warm, and make me feel so safe. Embrace this feeling and climb inside of your sweeties arms whenever you want, have a tickle fight, dance around like spaghetti noodles, really just touching each other in some way will instantly make you forget about the camera and focus in on each other.


This year I’ve started to bring out music to our sessions, and holy guacamole, I just think it’s SO much fun to get into my artistic zone and allow you two to do your own thang and dance around like crazy humans. It’s kinda like I’m a walking 1 woman band, there to serenade you as you and your sweetheart have date night. So embrace this, dance around, move around, you might feel like you look silly, and I’ll admit you PROBABLY will look a little insane, but we’ll make sure to get ALL the good moments and in between moments and REAL moments, these are the ones that will make you instantly smile when you look back at them years from now.