Thao + Colin Pumpkin Patch Engagement Shoot

Thao + Colin booked us to shoot their wedding next June, and thought it’d be a good balance of photos to do an autumn engagement shoot, and what better place to go than a pumpkin patch! We decided to try out which happened to be one of the cutest, nicest little family farms I’ve been to. This place had so many pumpkins, pumpkin patches, a hay ride, apple orchards upon orchards, and these giant trampoline like things (that of course we just had to jump on at the end of Thao + Colin’s shoot). OH YEAH! There were also donkeys + alpacas, and these little goats there too, which were so stinking cute (opps now here I am getting off topic).

You know when your out there fulfilling your purpose in life (ours is to document fellow humans in love), there’s something inside of you that just makes your heart beat faster, like, your totally in your element? Well documenting Thao + Colin’s engagement session just made me feel so lucky to have clients/humans/couples like them supporting our business, these two are so the perfect example of our kinda humans. The entire shoot they were nothing but snuggles, laughter, and opened up so much in front of me it just made me feel so brimmed to the top full of certainty that this is the right career for me.

I really love getting our couples to open up in front of us and get comfortable by playing games, reflecting on their relationship + love for one another, really, I encourage such an overload of PDA and for our humans to think so much about how much their partner means to them, this amazing (and amazingly fleeting) time in their relationship, what they’ve been through and what will come. There are so many emotions when you take a step back and truly think about the person your about to spend forever with, who maybe you’ve already spent what feels like forever with, and that’s just so special.

I hope you all enjoy peaking into these soulmates engagement session just as much as I loved shooting it.