Amanda + Cam Langley Wedding Videography

This summer Morgan and I had the absolute privilege of shooting Amanda + Cam’s wedding videography at the White Owl Barn in Langley, BC. Their wedding started like many of our favourite wedding days, with plenty of laughter, mimosas, and an army of ladies all giggling & prepping for the big day. Cam and Amanda opted to do a first look (which is always such a nice treat for bonus photos), and do all of their wedding photos & video at Fort Langley, B.C, prior to their ceremony. Deciding to do all their wedding portraits before the ceremony worked out so well for their timeline so that Amanda and Cam could enjoy a bit of cocktail hour with their friends and family and not stress about what was going on at the venue while they weren’t there.

If you haven’t been to Fort Langley before, we strongly urge you to stop every single thing that you’re doing right now and GO THERE!!! (Just kidding, please finish watching this video first, then get your butts over there). Fort Langley is seriously the cutest little place, with so many little coffee shops and intimate boutiques, and if your lucky you’ll see adorable humans in love such as Cam and Amanda.

After all the portraits were finished up, we celebrated with beers and snacks at Trading Post Eatery ( before heading to the wedding venue. Cam & Amanda had their wedding ceremony and reception at this new super adorable venue in Langley, BC, called White Owl Barn ( They wrote their own vows (uhh “your the peanutbutter to my jelly, the cheese to my macaroni” stop this is so stinking cute), and said their I do’s in a field in front of a red barn with all their friends and family cheering them on! Cam and Amanda thank you so much for having us!

PS to watch this video like it was truly meant to be watched, put that quality over to 1080p, dim those lights, and get ready for 7 minutes in heaven (hah jokes, well I mean not really, it is a 7 minute long wedding film that’s just so cute, so same difference right?)

Vendor’s who made this day so special:
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