North Vancouver Lonsdale Quay Engagement Photos, Jana + Mitchell

I remember opening up our inbox and reading Jana and Mitchell’s inquiry email, Jana told me that she’d been following our work for a while and had fallen in love with our photography, I had the biggest smile on my face (because we seriously pour SO much into all of our work and it’s seriously so rewarding knowing that someone appreciates it), and a week later after a couple rounds of delicious craft beers from Dageraad Brewing ( ) and falling in love with the way these two love each other, they booked us for their wedding this summer at this gorgeous venue, Burnaby Lake Pavilion ( ).

Jana and Mitchell wanted to have their engagement shoot at one of their favourite date night locations, the North Vancouver Lonsdale Quay Market. I had never been to this market, and it was simply adorable! There were so many docks for us to dance around on (with it still being semi private, unlike granville island market, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but ya know, sometimes PDA can be intimidating), so many cute little shops for us to stroll past, we went for ice cream at Earnest Ice Cream ( ) mmmm, and Jana and Mitchell bought this little lock and had it engraved with their names and wedding day, which they locked away on the little bridge at the market. I feel so lucky that we get to document these two beautiful souls who are so in love with each other, so each others best friends, may we all be as blessed as they both are to find such pure and deep love within another (chhhheeeseee ball, but come on, look at the way these two look at each other!) We seriously cannot wait to shoot both the photography and the videography for Jana and Mitchell’s wedding this summer!