Pitt Meadows Photographer {Megan and Josh}

Pitt Meadows Fall Couples Session

Man oh man, now that we’re in a bit of a slower season thanks to all the snow outside, I’m finally getting around to blogging some of my most favourite sessions we took this past year, and Megan and Josh’s fall couples session in our little hometown Pitt Meadows was definitely one of my most favourite.

Setting up for success

Fall around here is always tricky weather wise, some days can be drenched in rain, while others can be sun drenched with some much golden hour goodness it can make you totally forget that just a few days previous you were knee deep in your blundstones jumping around the biggest puddles. Megan went ALL out for her and Josh’s session, she got an amazing local florist https://www.mapleridgeflorist.com/ , to make an absolutely AMAZING bouquet for her, and an adorable little flower crown for her puppy. She also had the one and only http://www.jasminehoffman.com/  do her hair and makeup for the shoot, and she looked like a freaking 110% babe!! In the weeks leading up to our shoot I shared a few outfit inspiration ideas with Megan and was always so delighted when I opened up my DM’s to see the outfits Megan had put together for her and Josh.

Adding Personal Elements

I love it when our clients want to incorporate personal elements into their shoot, like Josh’s new truck, which as soon as Megan mentioned that he had recently purchased the beaut, I absolutely knew we HAD to get that new whip involved in some way. We drove along a dead end road, popped down the hatch, spread out a pile of blanket and pillows and I encouraged them to get all snuggly and cozy.

I hope you all enjoy this session as much as I enjoyed shooting it!