Pitt Meadows Snow Day (Pitt Meadows Photographer)

Snowy Valentines Day in Pitt Meadows

Alright, so we didn’t get a white Christmas this year, but we did get a very snowy Valentines day, so we’ll take it. This year we got a very unexpected flurry of snow in February, which, as someone who hates being cold, has not been my favourite, but luckily a year and a half ago Morg and I traveled to Iceland and bought the world’s most snuggliest winter jackets, so we bundled ourselves up and walked down to Osprey Village in Pitt Meadows to play around in the snow one afternoon before Morg had to headed out to his other job at a local brewery.

memory making & REMINISCING

There’s something so nostalgic about the snow, for me, it always conjures up memories of snowboarding with my family, that feeling of sitting your butt down on the first chairlift ride of the season, a mix of excitement to hit the slopes leaving little butterflies in my tummy, seeing the whole mountain from this little seat, your goggles fogging up, and spending hours upon hours riding down those hills. For Morg, it brings up memories of snowboarding with his friends down all the local mountains, trying out new tricks, eating a mountain of french fries at the little cafes, the warmth of the building hitting his cheeks so hard he hardly realized how cold the mountain was and how long he’d been out riding. As Morg and I wandered around in snow we both reflected upon these mountain filled memories, and are determine after years of neglecting them (with the exception of Morgan going snowboarding for the first time in forever this year with some friends), we are going to convince all of our family to head to a cabin at a local mountain for Christmas next year and spend a few days snowboarding, going sledding, playing board games around the fire, and hot tubing.