Romantic Winter Weekend Getaway - Galiano Island, BC

How to Spend a Romantic Weekend at Galiano Island in the Winter

Morg and I recently went on a romantic weekend getaway to my parents cabin at Galiano Island, BC and let me tell you guys, it was SUCH a refreshing change for us both and the perfect way to disconnect from the everyday and connect with each other!

Galiano Island photographer

Rest and relaxation

We spent our mornings waking up without an alarm (which, ask yourself, when's the last time you did this? That you just let your body naturally wake up and absorb as much sleep as needed, Morg and I were getting about 10+ hours nightly, helllooo beauty sleep!) Drinking some delicious coffee that my parents left for us, that’s actually from a little coffee roasting company on the island, . There’s also a little bakery on the island, which is open year round (which is pretty rare on the island, when the winter comes to Galiano most of the little restaurants/cafes/etc close down for the season, reopening in the Spring time). Sturdies Bay Bakery, just happens to be the BEST bakery on the island too, so we were super thankful that it was open while we were visiting. Our advice is arrive EARLY to get the best choice of baked goods, or do what we did and pre-order some delicious treats (like their freshly baked, massive cream cheese frosted cinnamon buns, ohhh my goodness). To counteract all these delicious treats I went for a 12km morning run, which I’ll admit, was FREEZING, but most of the roads during the winter are relatively car-free, and helped push me to run faster so I could finish up my run and jump into the massive shower that waited for me at our cabin.

Unwinding and Connecting

In typical BC/ Vancouver weather fashion, our drive and ferry ride over to Galiano Island it was absolutely DOWNPOURING the entire time. I dunno about you, but whenever it rains or it’s super gross out, if I’m able to stay inside, I instantly feel calm and relaxed. I think it’s maybe something to do with how hard we push ourselves with the everyday work and work in our business, and that kind of FOMO that comes hand in hand with great weather and the need to go shoot/be outside/on top of the rest of our roles in our business. One of the BEST parts of my parents little airbnb is their giant soaker tub, which for a bath fanatic like myself, it was pure bliss!

Netflix & Chill

Morg and I spent a good chunk of our days binge watching Netflix in our pajamas, leaving our phones upstairs, making a little fire (there’s a wood burning fire inside of the cabin, it warms up the ENTIRE house so fast and just makes you feel so cozy). We spent our evenings playing cards (Morg taught me how to play poker!), drinking delicious beers from Silver Valley Brewing, , listening to the music in the kitchen, going on little walks down to the one of the many beaches that are literally down the road from the cabin (how freaking handy is that). The last time we were here in the summer we actually saw a pod of whales swimming by at one of the beaches, it was so cool! Everytime we go away we always like to have some sort of charcuterie board, we picked up a fresh loaf of sourdough bread from that same bakery that we got the cinnamon buns from, Sturdies Bay Bakery, popped some brie into the oven, and made a spread that was way bigger than necessary, but was so damn good!

Setting work boundaries

I’ll totally admit that I’m a pretty big workaholic, and I’ve found that with owning your own business that there is ALWAYS more work that you can do, but working all the time doesn’t allow me to show up to work as my best version of myself. Morgan is SO good at reminding me to take breaks, to take time off, and to slow down. We both vowed not to work while we were on our romantic weekend getaway, with the exception of taking photos, because that’s just something we both love so much and we love to document such special moments and memories we create together.

soaking up every last minute

On our last day at Galiano Island the sun was shining (although it was a cool 0 degrees out) so we headed to one of our favourite beaches at the island, Montague Harbour, it’s covered with amazing arbutus trees, the beach is filled with these little white shells, the water is almost this turquoise blue that reminds me of some hot beautiful destination like the US Virgin Islands, (but a WHOLE lot colder), and you can actually rent a camping site at this park (which we’ve done in years previous) and it’s such a nice little campground. We flew our drone around for a while, took photos for a bit, and just chatted. It was SUCH a nice romantic winter weekend getaway and I seriously cannot wait for our next adventure.