5 Tips for Emotional Photos {Pitt Meadows Wedding Photographer}

5 Tips for Emotional Photos

Whether it be your wedding day or engagement photos, we always want our couples to be able to look back at their photos that we’ve taken and think “damn, we are so lucky”. We want our couples to really be themselves in front of us, to relish in the moments they have with us, to build memories that they’ll remember for years to come and to appreciate one another, because you are getting MARRIED to your BEST FRIEND and your SOUL MATE, and that’s pretty damn amazing. Here are our 5 tips for more emotional photos.

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Public Displays of Affection

Prepare BEFORE your shoot mentally with your partner. If you’ve ever seen photos of Morg and I (which if you’re reading this, let’s hope you’ve crept our instafeed), we’re pretty heavy on PDA (tasteful PDA but PDA nonetheless). We get that not everyone is going to want to makeout in front of the lens, but a tasteful amount of sexinessness and embracing your inner bootylicious self is strongly encouraged. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when it’s appropriate for these moments and will just let you do your thang with your boo.

Hold Each Other

I’ve really only got one rule at engagement sessions, and that’s during your entire shoot I want you and your boo to be touching each other physically in some way, whether it’s getting totally tangled up in each other’s arms or simply holding hands. Cheeseball moment, but to me there’s nowhere else in the entire world that I’d wanna be any time of the day but Morg’s arms, their big and strong, warm, and make me feel so safe. Embrace this feeling and climb inside of your sweeties arms whenever you want, have a tickle fight, dance around like spaghetti noodles, really just touching each other in some way will instantly make you forget about the camera and focus in on each other.


This year I’ve started to bring out music to our sessions, and holy guacamole, I just think it’s SO much fun to get into my artistic zone and allow you two to do your own thang and dance around like crazy humans. It’s kinda like I’m a walking 1 woman band, there to serenade you as you and your sweetheart have date night. So embrace this, dance around, move around, you might feel like you look silly, and I’ll admit you PROBABLY will look a little insane, but we’ll make sure to get ALL the good moments and in between moments and REAL moments, these are the ones that will make you instantly smile when you look back at them years from now.

If all else fails, makeout!

Alright, I get it, it can be hella awko taco having a camera in your face, and that’s the last thing I want you to feel. If you ever feel overwhelmed or self conscious, just grab your sweetie give him a couple of pecks or whisper in his ear and ask for some kisses. The physical closeness that you two will have will instantly make you feel more at ease and will help you get more comfortable with the idea of holding hands and being all wrapped up in each other for the lens.

Breathe in Together and Talk

The world we live in glorifies busy, we are so busy doing x,y, and z, use this shoot just to slow down and be in the moment with your sweetheart and talk to them. Forget about everything else that’s going on, and just focus in on your sweetheart. Tell them how important they are to you, how much they mean to you, where you see yourselves going and some of the best moments of your relationship. Your wedding day especially is SO fleeting, like, blink of an eye and it’s all over kinda fleeting, when it comes to you and your babe’s portraits on your wedding day take ADVANTAGE of this time alone and this slow time, because this is basically the only time you’ll get all day to just stare at each other and hold each other.