Weekend in Keremeos/Cawston, {Okanagan Photographer}

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Weekend Getaway in the Okanagan

At the end of this past summer, Morg and I were hired to photograph some of our amazing friends/clients wedding day, that happened to take place in the Okanagan (Cawston to be exact). Of course Morg and I decided to turn this one day event into a weekend getaway, because one, it was my birthday that weekend and we were actually shooting the wedding on my birthday, and two, we had never been to this part of the Okanagan before and any excuse to spend more time together is always a win win in our books.

Airbnb in Keremeos

We stayed in this ADORABLE little airbnb with the sweetest hosts, Norma Jean and her husband and their little pup, who although likes to make himself vocal, is such a little baby and cuddly dog. Our hosts were absolutely fabulous, our stay included homemade breakfasts each morning, which ranged from homemade pancakes with fresh local nectarines, scrambled eggs, toast made from bread picked up at the local bakery called Tree To Me https://www.treetome.ca/ (which we picked up a fresh loaf of this garlicy cheesy delicious bread right before we drove home and oh my god you guys, it was SO flipping good!) Norma Jean also was an avid jams/jellies and preserves maker, which living literally surrounded by so many fruit farms it would be such a shame not to preserve these fruits. Norma’s jams were so tasty, I don’t think I’ve seen morg eat so much toast in one sitting.

Local Eats and Drinks

After we checked in on our first night in Keremos we met up with our wedding couple, Chase and Rheann and got a tour of their backyard wedding setup, we met with their wedding party and family as well and had a drink with everyone which was so nice as everyone treated us with welcoming arms and like friends. After doing some photo location scouting, Morg and I went to a little Thai restaurant (which I think was like 1 or 5 restaurants located in this small but cozy town(s)), and after to The Wrong Turn Tavern for a drink before heading home. The next day was Chase and Rheann’s wedding, which I’ll get into deep detail in a future blog post showcasing this ABSOFREAKINGLOUTLY amazing day, literally, every time I think about this day I just can’t help but smile, it was PERFECT. We decided to stay an extra night after the wedding day, which allowed us to wake up late after our big day of shooting, and I took some photos of the airbnb we were staying at for our hosts.

Post-Wedding Day Shoot

After a big sleep in post wedding day and a morning run, Morg and I had a few too many cups of coffee and a nice morning breakfast in the garden. Late that afternoon after we spent some time wandering around in an apple orchard, we met up with our couple again to do a sunset day after wedding shoot, which again, will be it’s own blog posts because god damn, I wish that EVERY couple wanted to do something this fun! We headed up this little mountain/hill spot with our couple and popped a bottle of champagne and had such an amazing shoot with them. After so many laughs and reminiscing about the day before, we said goodbye to our couple and headed back to our airbnb for a homemade dinner that our awesome hosts cooked up.

Apple Orchards in the Okanagan

On our final morning our airbnb’s hubby took us and another couple who was staying in another room at the airbnb to a friend’s apple farm that was absolutely MASSIVE and had SUCH an array of apples of all varieties, it was such a nice way to stretch our legs & let our coffee kick in. Our final stop was at a little fruit stand, Parson’s Fruit Stand, http://parsonsfarmmarket.com/, and picked up a bunch of delicious, locally grown zucchinis, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, nectarines, apples, and a few jams for stocking stuffers (because I’m insane about planning & prepping ahead of time). Our five hour drive home went by as we listened to an audiobook that had us both giggling nonstop, after such a great weekend.

Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/5947991?guests=1&adults=1