5 tips to make the most of your engagement session

5 tips to make the most of your engagement session

We get it, not everyone has done an “engagement photoshoot” before, but guess what, we’ve done a SHITLOAD of them, and they can be SO much fun and such a memorable experience for you and your boo! Here are our top 5 tips to making the most of your engagement shoot so that you can have photos and memories of this amazing time in your relationship (and some new insta photos that aren’t selfies, I’m looking at you Becky).

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Tip 1: Location + Time of the Year

Location!!! Where and when we do your engagement shoot is ENTIRELY up to you two! Choose somewhere that is significant or unique to your relationship, or let’s go on an ADVENTURE together! Is there somewhere that means so much to you two, like where you had your first date, your fav summer vacation spot, or the place that he popped the question?
Time of the year!!! Depending on when your wedding day is and duration of your engagement, will determine the best time for you to have your engagement session. You may consider having a winter engagement shoot if your having a hot August wedding, or you may opt for engagement photos asap once you’ve gotten engaged if your planning your wedding in less than a year. Try to keep in mind turnaround time for editing photos if you’re planning on using any of the engagement photos for your save the dates or your invitations.
We are ALWAYS happy to offer suggestions on where to go and what time of the year would be best to shoot, just let us know vision and we’ll make it a reality!

Tip 2: So Fresh and so Clean

Get your hair and makeup done! If you’re setting up a trail for your wedding day we highly recommend that you schedule this in for the day of your engagement shoot, that way you KNOW you’ll look absolutely ahhhmaaaazing, and this will take away from the stress of ensuring you look perfect. Often times if you ask your hairstylist, they’ll be able to do your hair how you’d like for the wedding day, then pin it up/change it slightly for your engagement photos, that way you’ll still be able to keep the surprise of how you’ll look on your wedding day.

Tip 3: What to Wear

Choose outfits for you and your boo that your COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in! I cannot stress this enough! The worst feeling is wearing something that is too tight in all the wrong places then being forced to have a million photos of you in said outfit! Pick out well in advance what you’ll wear and something that compliments you for your sweetheart to wear. I always recommend that our couples bring at least two outfits: one that’s a bit more dressy and classic, like long flowy dresses for her and dress pants with a button down top for him, and a second outfit that’s a bit more of you two, like jean shorts with a crop top and a cute hat for her, and shorts with a tee for him. Here’s a MASSIVE and probably overly excessive but I’m way too in love with Pinterest Board that I created for all of our couples for some visuals on what kind of outfits photograph well. https://www.pinterest.ca/themacleansco/outfit-ideas-for-couples/

Tip 4: Be Yourselves!

Understand that it’s okay to be silly and yourselves in front of the lens! I WANT you guys to look back at these photos and think “damnnnnn we are so lucky” and RECOGNIZE yourselves! None of that stuffy posed bs that was popular at our parents weddings, we want you guys to be so in love and lost in each other that honestly, I might have to cough to remind you that I’m still there.
Here’s a guide I created for capturing emotional and intimate portraits of you and your boo!

Tip 5: Make Some Memories

Make it such a special and memorable experience and fully embrace the whole “we’re engaged” thing. You’re engagement shoot with me will occur at either sunrise or sunset, and for the ladder, I cannot recommend enough making the engagement shoot just one part of your night together. Go for dinner and drinks after and talk about all the FUN that your wedding day is going to be, none of the stressful little details that seem to want to consume us while we plan one of the best and biggest days of our lives, but simply how AWESOME it’s going to be! Whether you have a big or a small engagement, this moment in your life is so fleeting and special, remember to take the time to appreciate and enjoy it!