Galiano Island Oceanfront Elopement - Gary + Lori

Alright folks, your about to witness one of the most EMOTIONAL, intimate, and special elopements we have ever been a part of, and documented, because the two humans wedding day you’re about to look at are my parents. Sweethearts some 35+ years, this past August (actually on Morg and my anniversary, an extra special day to us both now) read handwritten vows in front of some of their lifelong friends and family members, in front of the ocean, on Galiano Island (aka our second home and my parents happy place). I cannot even begin to express how excited our entire family, including morg & his mum were when my parents made the announcement that yep, they were finally going to tie the knot. I might be biased, but my parents are two of the cutest humans in love like ever, ever ever you guys, for as long as I can remember they’ve never been shy about their love for one another, and have given me such a strong foundation on how to be a partner to your sweetheart, I feel so lucky to have these two as relationship role models.

Alright, enough cheese, onto the wedding day. It was a cool, but beautiful August day on Galiano Island, BC, (also referred to as the gem of the gulf islands), the night before my mum, sister-in-law and I had set up the final touches at their wedding venue (The Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa), trying to perfect the vision my mum had for the big day. On the morning of their wedding my dad went golfing with his brother, and my mum enjoyed coffee and delicious freshly baked goods from Sturdies Bay Bakery. Lara from beauty by lara came over on the morning ferry from the mainland to do my mums hair and makeup, as well as my own (side note, being both the photographer of a wedding, and being so heavily involved in a wedding day Morgan and I found extremely challenging, but so rewarding).

Onto the ceremony
My brother and I walked my mum down the aisle and gave her to our dad, they had a keltic handfasting ceremony, as well as exchanged rings and vows, while Morgan documented the ceremony, I bawled my eyes out. Their ceremony was filled with so much love for each other, I don’t think there was a single dry eye in the house. Afterwards my parents mingled and had a champagne toast, it was so relaxed, and exactly them. Canapes provided by the Galiano Inn were handed out, as so many hugs were given to my parents. Later on, we all sat at two long tables, had a 3 course dinner, while everyone exchanged stories about my parents, their relationship, funny memories, forever memories, a lifetime together and this joyous day. With the help of my sister-in-law, and two of my parents best friends, we played a slideshow with so many photos and memories from when my parents first started dating, to our most recent family trip to Ontario. I looked up from my camera at one point, while wiping away the tap of tears I had that entire day, and just watched my mum watch the slideshow, even writing this now is making me get all teary eyed, she looked so happy and proud, it was one of the most beautiful moments. My parents had their first dance under the stars, in the middle of the lawn at the spa, with a little bluetooth speaker. Oh yes, and they cut the homemade wedding cake my mum had baked a few days prior, handing out pieces to friends and family. The night went late as we all danced around this little bluetooth speaker, no fancy dj, no fancy lighting setup, just a couple of string bistro lights, a day that we will always remember with such joy.

We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we enjoyed shooting it and being a part of it.

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