Mo and Kevin - Fort Langley Couples photoshoot

Blogging this session with Mo and Kevin made me miss summer so incredibly much, the warmth of the sun kissing down on these two, the freedom to run around without a jacket, eating ice cream to keep cool. I first met Mo many years ago through a mutual friend, and when she won a little contest we had done to promote our rebranding last year from Rayneography to The MacLeans, I could hardly contain to get this beautiful woman in front of my lens!

The Location
We started the session off at Fort Langley, BC. Fort Langley is hands down, probably one of the most adorable little towns, and it’s extremely close to where Morg & I live which makes it an ultra bonus for shooting at. The main “downtown” area of the town has streets lined with little ma + pa shops (which ps always have the most unique and perfect gifts for seriously any occasion), little gleato shops, big over arching trees that lead to adorable little homes, and more cafes than I can count. It’s simply wonderful.

About the Session
We started our session as any great one goes, with delicious beers and ice cream of course! We danced our way down to a little shop called which was the perfect way for all of us to cool down on this particularly hot evening. We eventually made our way down to the water, as Mo and Kevin told me more and more about their relationship, I seriously need these two to get engaged asap, because these two are so clearly not just partners but best friends, they couldn’t stop giggling together and it just made my heart melt! We ended our session with some snuggling on the sand, which although looks pretty majestic, was actually pretty muddy and had us all laughing about how slippery it actually was.

I cannot wait for the sun to come back and to document more humans in love in Fort Langley!