Pancake Breakfast at Home Couple's Session {Fraser Valley Photographer}

Making Pancakes in your underwear with your boo thang; a Fraser Valley couple’s at home session


The Perfect Sunday Morning

Living in the Fraser Valley means that we get our fair share of rain during the colder months, which makes for the kinda days that make you just want to cuddle up in bed, sip on coffees and read that book you’ve had on your bedside table for months now. Warin invited me into her home to document her and Brandon having a typical cuddly cold morning together, you know, make pancakes in the living room, snuggles with their kitty, & just enjoy finally having a morning off together from their busy schedules (okay, I may have made them move their kitchen into the livingroom, but the lighting was just so creamy in there).

Warin is also a kickass wedding photographer:
Hair and makeup:

Coffee in Bed

I can’t tell you how many times I crave mornings like this with Morg, as adulthood hits us, the luxury of actually having a morning that lines up with each other where you both have it off and can just do nothing without guilt is so flipping nice. Something my dad used to do for my mum all the time (and I’m sure he still does because he’s just that sweet) was bring my mum coffee in bed. I think it’s gestures like this, the little things, that help us continue to fall deeper and more in love with our sweethearts.

Physical Touch Love Language

Being in front of the lens for let’s be real, such a vulnerable shoot I understand can be so nerve wracking. But these are the moments that I want our couples to remember, forever, our youth and lust and those mornings when it’s just you two. Being invited into a couples relationship, into a world that only those two people really know, and allowing me to document this part of you that no one really sees makes me feel just so lucky and thankful that I get to call this my career.

A Little Bailey, Kitten Cuddles and a Pillow Fight

After pouring a little baileys into our coffees, I introduced the idea of having a good old fashion pillow fight. Brandon was more than game for this idea and promptly grabbed the biggest pillow he could find while chasing Warin around with it. I can’t even begin to say how much fun and romantic this shoot was, can all our Sunday’s be this adorable please?!

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