Secret Garden at Woodbridge Ponds Wedding- Amanda + Patrick

I remember the first time I met Amanda and Patrick, it was in a small coffee shop in their current hometown (New Westminster), with their pup Sophie. It was there that I fell inlove with these two humans, learning about how they met abroad in Germany. When I shot their engagement shoot, it was SO clear how smitten and absolutely head over heels in love both Amanda and Patrick were for each other. Seriously, I remember getting home SO excited to tell Morg all about their shoot, and that I thought Amanda was so lucky to have found someone who so clearly loves every single part of her. The way those two looked at each other killed me!

Onto the wedding
On their wedding day Amanda and Patrick wanted something intimate, surrounded by some of their closest friends and family from all over the country and all over the world. Unfortunately the rain came down HARD just before the ceremony, leaving the original ceremony site a total mud pile, but luckily the Secret Garden of Woodbridge Ponds staff had a plan b in their back pockets and the ceremony was held inside, keeping everyone nice and dry. Amanda and Patrick incorporated so many personal touches into their day, from having their little Sophie as their ring barrier (which I’ve never seen such a cooperative dog during a ceremony), providing their guests with these neat shots and seasonings from both of their hometowns, to a surprise video from their family and friends that they made in Germany that I swear left every single person in the room in both laughter and in tears. This video showed EXACTLY how loved these two people are, Amanda and Patrick just put out so much love into the world and in return are so loved, it’s simply beautiful. I felt so lucky to be able to spend their wedding day with them, running around the little country roads in Abbotsford and dodging the rain when we could, and Amanda, being the most awesome bride, said fuck it to the umbrella which allowed me to get some killer adorable shots of her and Patrick. The night (well my night, there was so much partying going on when I finally ducked out), with so many hugs from both Amanda and Patrick, they truly made me feel like such a friend, and I feel so lucky that we had such amazing clients/friends come into our life.

I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.