Sheena + Danny Christmas Tree Farm

Imagine it’s your first Christmas together with your sweetheart in your very own place, you spend an afternoon bundled up, looking for the absolute perfect Christmas tree to be the superstar of your living room as the days get shorter, and Christmas morning comes closer. You find that perfect tree, maybe it’s class douglas fir, a white pine, a balsam fir, a douglas, or my personal favourite, the classic charlie brown christmas tree.

I spent an afternoon third wheeling a winter date day with Sheena ( an absolute babe blogger and optician over at and her husband Danny, at a U-Cut Christmas tree farm that was just 20 minutes from their house. I followed these two all around the massive property as they hunted for the most perfect tree for their home. I was blown away at how big this property was, and the wide range of types of Christmas trees there were. Growing up we ALWAYS had a fresh Christmas tree in our living room, my parents still partake in this tradition: Morg and I, as well as my brother and his family all go over to my parents house for snacks and drinks, my dad takes down the boxes of decorations from their attic, and we all put up ornaments and listen to music; it’s actually such an adorable way to spend a cold December day.

Tips for making the most out of a Christmas tree hunting date day:

1. Bundle up! Although Sheena + Danny look like the bombass babes that they are in these photos, it was COLD out there! Cozy sweaters, thick socks, and toques are highly recommended apparel.
2. Bring or pickup some hot chocolate for your adventure. This step isn’t necessary, but makes everything a lot more enjoyable because hot chocolate is delicious.
3. Measure out your living room ceiling height before you head to the farm, it’s important to know just how big of a tree you can cut down without having to make a perfectly good mini tree (please tell me you get this reference)
4. If possible, try going on a weekday, there are far fewer people during the week and this means that you’ll be able to explore and find your perfect tree much easier/less frantically (if you’re like me and get super exhausted/overwhelmed being around a lot of people).
5. Have fun! Obviously, and maybe invite a photographer to join in your date day and preserve those forever memories (shameless plug).