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Redwoods Golf Course Wedding, Langley - Allana + Graeme

There’s this song, you probably know it, it goes like “you are the best thing, ever happened to me”, I feel like that line is really accurate for Allana and Graeme and their love for one another. Allana and Graeme celebrated this love for one another in late August surrounded by so many of their amazing friends and family. The weather held off long enough for their ceremony, and formal portraits; it was only once we were all dancing the night away that we heard the rain pouring down (how lucky is that)!

Redwoods Golf Course is located in Langley BC, has this amazing outdoor ceremony site (which is only a few years old), and a great big white tent for guests to dine under, it’s so convenient having everything all on site and so close together. They also make some KILLER dinners, seriously, our hats are off to the chefs at Redwoods. Allana and Graeme read their vows out on this amazing ceremony site under a wooden arch covered in so many flowers and greenery, with their 10 person wedding party standing happily beside them, their parents and family lining the front row of seats, who I swear didn’t stop smiling because they were just SO damn proud of these two, and I more than once had to wipe tears away from behind my lens.

The evening was filled with so many beautiful stories of Allana + Graemes childhood, their relationship, how happy they were for them, words of advice and so many hugs and tears. These two are so loved and cherished by so many amazing humans, it really just makes our hearts burst with happiness when we hear these kind of stories and kind words shared about our couples. I think one of the top highlights of the day (besides the whole, I do magoo thing), was during the bride and grooms speech, they seriously had every single person under that beautiful open concept tent, laughing so hard. We really had no idea this was coming from these two, and when I looked over at Morgan shooting across the room from me, we both wore the biggest grins on our faces.


Galiano Island Oceanfront Elopement - Gary + Lori

Alright folks, your about to witness one of the most EMOTIONAL, intimate, and special elopements we have ever been a part of, and documented, because the two humans wedding day you’re about to look at are my parents. Sweethearts some 35+ years, this past August (actually on Morg and my anniversary, an extra special day to us both now) read handwritten vows in front of some of their lifelong friends and family members, in front of the ocean, on Galiano Island (aka our second home and my parents happy place). I cannot even begin to express how excited our entire family, including morg & his mum were when my parents made the announcement that yep, they were finally going to tie the knot. I might be biased, but my parents are two of the cutest humans in love like ever, ever ever you guys, for as long as I can remember they’ve never been shy about their love for one another, and have given me such a strong foundation on how to be a partner to your sweetheart, I feel so lucky to have these two as relationship role models.

Alright, enough cheese, onto the wedding day. It was a cool, but beautiful August day on Galiano Island, BC, (also referred to as the gem of the gulf islands), the night before my mum, sister-in-law and I had set up the final touches at their wedding venue (The Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa), trying to perfect the vision my mum had for the big day. On the morning of their wedding my dad went golfing with his brother, and my mum enjoyed coffee and delicious freshly baked goods from Sturdies Bay Bakery. Lara from beauty by lara came over on the morning ferry from the mainland to do my mums hair and makeup, as well as my own (side note, being both the photographer of a wedding, and being so heavily involved in a wedding day Morgan and I found extremely challenging, but so rewarding).

Onto the ceremony
My brother and I walked my mum down the aisle and gave her to our dad, they had a keltic handfasting ceremony, as well as exchanged rings and vows, while Morgan documented the ceremony, I bawled my eyes out. Their ceremony was filled with so much love for each other, I don’t think there was a single dry eye in the house. Afterwards my parents mingled and had a champagne toast, it was so relaxed, and exactly them. Canapes provided by the Galiano Inn were handed out, as so many hugs were given to my parents. Later on, we all sat at two long tables, had a 3 course dinner, while everyone exchanged stories about my parents, their relationship, funny memories, forever memories, a lifetime together and this joyous day. With the help of my sister-in-law, and two of my parents best friends, we played a slideshow with so many photos and memories from when my parents first started dating, to our most recent family trip to Ontario. I looked up from my camera at one point, while wiping away the tap of tears I had that entire day, and just watched my mum watch the slideshow, even writing this now is making me get all teary eyed, she looked so happy and proud, it was one of the most beautiful moments. My parents had their first dance under the stars, in the middle of the lawn at the spa, with a little bluetooth speaker. Oh yes, and they cut the homemade wedding cake my mum had baked a few days prior, handing out pieces to friends and family. The night went late as we all danced around this little bluetooth speaker, no fancy dj, no fancy lighting setup, just a couple of string bistro lights, a day that we will always remember with such joy.

We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we enjoyed shooting it and being a part of it.

Vendors who helped make the day such a success:
Hair + Makeup:
Wedding Bouquet:
Guest Favors:

Pitt Meadows Bridal Shoot

There’s this little hidden gem of a location I love to shoot at in our hometown Pitt Meadows, there’s actually quite a few little places like this all around our town, and this past summer I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot a styled bridal shoot in the late August sun. My dear friend and amazingly talented hair and makeup artist, Lara Parliament, had recently taken a weekend long intensive hair course in L.A. taught by Ulyana Aster, where she learnt how to make these gorgeous bridal hairstyles you can see our two models rocking. Our models, Madison and Nicole, who aren’t actually even models at all, but two beautiful ladies that Lara knew through a friend of a friend. We collaborated with a local wedding dress shop located in Mission B.C, and had the girls bring a few outfits that they had recently purchased from a thrift store in Abbotsford (uhh because thrifting is absolutely amazing). Oh and you see those massive beautiful floral bouquets? They were put together by a local florist who also happened to have 12 weddings just the weekend before, and we were so thankful for the effort she put into them. I’m so happy with the results that were created during this shoot and how amazing everything came together.

Vendors who made this happen:


Hair & Makeup Artist:

Hair Styling Inspiration:

Wedding Dresses:

Bridal Floral Bouquets:

Thrifted Rompers:

Secret Garden at Woodbridge Ponds Wedding- Amanda + Patrick

I remember the first time I met Amanda and Patrick, it was in a small coffee shop in their current hometown (New Westminster), with their pup Sophie. It was there that I fell inlove with these two humans, learning about how they met abroad in Germany. When I shot their engagement shoot, it was SO clear how smitten and absolutely head over heels in love both Amanda and Patrick were for each other. Seriously, I remember getting home SO excited to tell Morg all about their shoot, and that I thought Amanda was so lucky to have found someone who so clearly loves every single part of her. The way those two looked at each other killed me!

Onto the wedding
On their wedding day Amanda and Patrick wanted something intimate, surrounded by some of their closest friends and family from all over the country and all over the world. Unfortunately the rain came down HARD just before the ceremony, leaving the original ceremony site a total mud pile, but luckily the Secret Garden of Woodbridge Ponds staff had a plan b in their back pockets and the ceremony was held inside, keeping everyone nice and dry. Amanda and Patrick incorporated so many personal touches into their day, from having their little Sophie as their ring barrier (which I’ve never seen such a cooperative dog during a ceremony), providing their guests with these neat shots and seasonings from both of their hometowns, to a surprise video from their family and friends that they made in Germany that I swear left every single person in the room in both laughter and in tears. This video showed EXACTLY how loved these two people are, Amanda and Patrick just put out so much love into the world and in return are so loved, it’s simply beautiful. I felt so lucky to be able to spend their wedding day with them, running around the little country roads in Abbotsford and dodging the rain when we could, and Amanda, being the most awesome bride, said fuck it to the umbrella which allowed me to get some killer adorable shots of her and Patrick. The night (well my night, there was so much partying going on when I finally ducked out), with so many hugs from both Amanda and Patrick, they truly made me feel like such a friend, and I feel so lucky that we had such amazing clients/friends come into our life.

I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Madison and Devon PNW Backyard Wedding

So it begins
As Morgan and I drove up the long winding gravel driveway (which was clearly marked with signage by the bride herself) of Devon’s parents property, the entire time our jaws were to the floor over the backyard beauty that they call their home, this massive property came with a little field to hold their ceremony, a stunning home with floor to ceiling windows (a photographers dream) to get ready in, a patio with the most perfect dance floor, with bistro lights hung all around. As I said my goodbyes to Morgan so that he could document the groom and groomsmen getting ready, I was greeted by so many smiling faces, a mimosa, and hands down one of the chillest brides I have EVER met! Madison was radiating the entire day, literally, I don’t think she ever stopped smiling for even a second on her wedding day.

Juicy details

Madison + Devon opted to do a first look and all of their family portraits before their evening ceremony, this allowed for us plenty of laid back photos, and allowed our beautiful bride and groom to mingle with their guests as soon as their ceremony was over. I always LOVE first looks, not only is it bonus time for photos, but the anxiety about the day (at least I felt this way) was SO overwhelming, that all I literally wanted to do was see Morgan and be wrapped up in his arms (cause isn’t this that the very best place to be, enveloped by your sweethearts arms, the safety of it all). Madison + Devon’s first look was so perfect, with a backdrop of the Fraser River, they laid eyes on each other and gently wiped away a few trickling tears from each others cheeks, then it was time to celebrate!

Madison + Devon got married in Devon’s parents backyard in front of a beautiful, yet simple, wooden archway covered in fabric. Their friends and family sat in the shade of the trees on the property, and Madison being the bride that always thinks of others, had put out big buckets of ice water with fresh bottles of water in them, bug spray for everyone (a PNW wedding essential), and little hand fans. Both Madison + Devon hand wrote their vows to one another, which they proudly said which holding onto the hands of both each other and their little girl, Quinn.

With a wedding party so amazing, so supportive, and fun, Madison + Devon’s reception was truly one that will forever hold a special place in Morg & my hearts. Instead of a traditional sit down dinner, these two opted for a variety of delicious canapes to be served during cocktail hour, so that they could mix and mingle with each and every single wedding guest that had joined them on their wedding day. The food was absolutely AMAZING too, by the way, and we highly recommend them (and no we aren’t getting paid to say that haha). From so many heart filled speeches from loved ones, to dancing the night away as the sunset down below the mountains, we cannot get over how stunning and beautiful this backyard PNW wedding was! I think backyard weddings might just be our most favourite location for people to get married.

Vendors who helped complete the day:

Hair + Makeup Artist:
Wedding Planner:
Floral Arrangements:

Mo and Kevin - Fort Langley Couples photoshoot

Blogging this session with Mo and Kevin made me miss summer so incredibly much, the warmth of the sun kissing down on these two, the freedom to run around without a jacket, eating ice cream to keep cool. I first met Mo many years ago through a mutual friend, and when she won a little contest we had done to promote our rebranding last year from Rayneography to The MacLeans, I could hardly contain to get this beautiful woman in front of my lens!

The Location
We started the session off at Fort Langley, BC. Fort Langley is hands down, probably one of the most adorable little towns, and it’s extremely close to where Morg & I live which makes it an ultra bonus for shooting at. The main “downtown” area of the town has streets lined with little ma + pa shops (which ps always have the most unique and perfect gifts for seriously any occasion), little gleato shops, big over arching trees that lead to adorable little homes, and more cafes than I can count. It’s simply wonderful.

About the Session
We started our session as any great one goes, with delicious beers and ice cream of course! We danced our way down to a little shop called which was the perfect way for all of us to cool down on this particularly hot evening. We eventually made our way down to the water, as Mo and Kevin told me more and more about their relationship, I seriously need these two to get engaged asap, because these two are so clearly not just partners but best friends, they couldn’t stop giggling together and it just made my heart melt! We ended our session with some snuggling on the sand, which although looks pretty majestic, was actually pretty muddy and had us all laughing about how slippery it actually was.

I cannot wait for the sun to come back and to document more humans in love in Fort Langley!

The MacLeans - Pitt Meadows Wedding Photographer - Year in Review

There’s something so cathartic about the end of the year and the start of a new one; the whole looking back on the past 365 days, reviewing how the year unraveled itself, the experiences we had, the places we went, the people we met, the food we ate, the beers we drank, the cafes we spent endless hours editing in, the love stories we heard through the eyes of the maid of honors of our beautiful brides, 2018 was such a bad ass, amazing, whirlwind of a year, and we are so thankful for all it gave us.

2018 was a year of SO many new beginnings, and unknown forks in the road. To put things in a numeric perspective:
2013 we shot our first wedding
2016 we shot 1 more
2017 our first year going full-time & getting real about our business, we shot 13 weddings
2018 Kelsey quit her full-time job, Morg continued to work part-time, and we shot 35 weddings
On top of all of our weddings that we shot this year (25 of our own, 10 second shooting), we also shot 72 portrait sessions, and countless photoshoots together.
*Notice the big break between 2013-2017 really, that time was spent backpacking Europe twice, going to school, working SO MANY JOBS & INTERNSHIPS, finding ourselves, getting married, moving out, falling deeper in love etc*

Creating this blog post and selecting some of my most favourite photos that we shot this year at our weddings & elopements seriously brought me to tears. Each and every single one of our brides, grooms, wedding parties, and parents of our couples, were so unique, so lovely, so caring, and most importantly SO DAMN IN LOVE. Now I realize it’s pretty cliche to say that we love love as we are wedding photographers/videographers, but damn, there’s something that just lights up inside of me when we head to a wedding to document a day that a pair of humans have put so much thought, effort, time, and energy into ensuring that it is their best day ever. I think it stems from my parents, they are literally two of the most adorable humans in love, who growing up always taught my brother and I the importance of letting your soulmate know how much you love them, and allowing yourself each day to fall a little deeper in love. Oh yeah, and finding someone who is not only cute, but someone that you consider your BEST FRIEND, someone you can grow old with. My parents actually eloped this year after spending 35 ish years together, at Galiano Island (our home away from home), and Morg & I photographed their amazing day, all the while participating in the wedding itself. My older brother and I actually walked my mum down the aisle as Morgan documenting us holding onto her hands and gave her to my dad. Holy shit, talk about all the feels.

Anywho, back to the point the this post. We are so incredibly thankful for all the humans who booked a photoshoot or video with us (side note you’ll notice that below are some of our fav photos from our 2018 weddings, you can see our videos we shot over at ).

To all of you who booked us for your wedding day, thank you SO much for trusting us, believing in us, for welcoming us into your lives & showing us the real sides of your relationships, for inviting us to dance the night away with you on your wedding day, for introducing us to your friends & families just like we were a part of them, for being such chill brides & grooms, for trusting us, and for inspiring our creativity & making our jobs so damn awesome.

Xoxo - The MacLeans

Galiano Island Photographer - Summer & Jay

This past summer I spent a good portion of my time in between shooting weddings over at my parents cabin at Galiano Island (my most favourite island of the gulf islands), and had the privilege of photographing Summer & Jay one warm and beautiful evening. We started our shoot with sharing a couple of Raspberry Honey Hefeweizens that I brought over from (because liquid courage obviously) and we all got to know each other a little bit better. We started at one of my most favourite beaches on Galiano as it’s normally pretty secluded and gets a good amount of sand, perfect for running around barefoot and going for a dip in the ocean.

Summer and Jay were seriously SO much fun, from playing the silliest of games, cuddling in the sand, splashing about in the water (and not worrying about a few intentional splashes because hey, that’s what outfit number two is for) and are honestly the biggest sweethearts with each other. We chased the sun from one beach moving other to another, finishing the session just as the moon came out and the sun dipped below the horizon. I just had the best time chasing these two around the island. Blogging this session really has me missing those long summer nights with all the sunshine, ahhh 6 more months until we meet again galiano sunsets!

Oh yeah, and after I delivered Summer and Jay their gallery they left us this incredible review, I feel truly so thankful and lucky to have met these two!

“ Shout out to Kelsey & Morg for being amazing and putting there everything into their amazing work! In August we had the opportunity to shoot a gorgeous set on Galiano Island with Kelsey, and from the moment we met she was SO fun and easy to be around. Jay and I had never done anything like this together so we were both a bit nervous but Kelsey instantly made us feel comfortable and we were laughing hysterical the entire time. The photos came out absolutely better than we could have imagined and we appreciate all the time and work The MacLeans took to make our photos perfect. The photos reflect the dedication and talent of their work and I am so happy we found you guys!

Thank you again and hope to work with you in the future!

Love Summer & Jay x “

Sheena + Danny Christmas Tree Farm

Imagine it’s your first Christmas together with your sweetheart in your very own place, you spend an afternoon bundled up, looking for the absolute perfect Christmas tree to be the superstar of your living room as the days get shorter, and Christmas morning comes closer. You find that perfect tree, maybe it’s class douglas fir, a white pine, a balsam fir, a douglas, or my personal favourite, the classic charlie brown christmas tree.

I spent an afternoon third wheeling a winter date day with Sheena ( an absolute babe blogger and optician over at and her husband Danny, at a U-Cut Christmas tree farm that was just 20 minutes from their house. I followed these two all around the massive property as they hunted for the most perfect tree for their home. I was blown away at how big this property was, and the wide range of types of Christmas trees there were. Growing up we ALWAYS had a fresh Christmas tree in our living room, my parents still partake in this tradition: Morg and I, as well as my brother and his family all go over to my parents house for snacks and drinks, my dad takes down the boxes of decorations from their attic, and we all put up ornaments and listen to music; it’s actually such an adorable way to spend a cold December day.

Tips for making the most out of a Christmas tree hunting date day:

1. Bundle up! Although Sheena + Danny look like the bombass babes that they are in these photos, it was COLD out there! Cozy sweaters, thick socks, and toques are highly recommended apparel.
2. Bring or pickup some hot chocolate for your adventure. This step isn’t necessary, but makes everything a lot more enjoyable because hot chocolate is delicious.
3. Measure out your living room ceiling height before you head to the farm, it’s important to know just how big of a tree you can cut down without having to make a perfectly good mini tree (please tell me you get this reference)
4. If possible, try going on a weekday, there are far fewer people during the week and this means that you’ll be able to explore and find your perfect tree much easier/less frantically (if you’re like me and get super exhausted/overwhelmed being around a lot of people).
5. Have fun! Obviously, and maybe invite a photographer to join in your date day and preserve those forever memories (shameless plug).