The MacLeans - Pitt Meadows Wedding Photographer - Year in Review

There’s something so cathartic about the end of the year and the start of a new one; the whole looking back on the past 365 days, reviewing how the year unraveled itself, the experiences we had, the places we went, the people we met, the food we ate, the beers we drank, the cafes we spent endless hours editing in, the love stories we heard through the eyes of the maid of honors of our beautiful brides, 2018 was such a bad ass, amazing, whirlwind of a year, and we are so thankful for all it gave us.

2018 was a year of SO many new beginnings, and unknown forks in the road. To put things in a numeric perspective:
2013 we shot our first wedding
2016 we shot 1 more
2017 our first year going full-time & getting real about our business, we shot 13 weddings
2018 Kelsey quit her full-time job, Morg continued to work part-time, and we shot 35 weddings
On top of all of our weddings that we shot this year (25 of our own, 10 second shooting), we also shot 72 portrait sessions, and countless photoshoots together.
*Notice the big break between 2013-2017 really, that time was spent backpacking Europe twice, going to school, working SO MANY JOBS & INTERNSHIPS, finding ourselves, getting married, moving out, falling deeper in love etc*

Creating this blog post and selecting some of my most favourite photos that we shot this year at our weddings & elopements seriously brought me to tears. Each and every single one of our brides, grooms, wedding parties, and parents of our couples, were so unique, so lovely, so caring, and most importantly SO DAMN IN LOVE. Now I realize it’s pretty cliche to say that we love love as we are wedding photographers/videographers, but damn, there’s something that just lights up inside of me when we head to a wedding to document a day that a pair of humans have put so much thought, effort, time, and energy into ensuring that it is their best day ever. I think it stems from my parents, they are literally two of the most adorable humans in love, who growing up always taught my brother and I the importance of letting your soulmate know how much you love them, and allowing yourself each day to fall a little deeper in love. Oh yeah, and finding someone who is not only cute, but someone that you consider your BEST FRIEND, someone you can grow old with. My parents actually eloped this year after spending 35 ish years together, at Galiano Island (our home away from home), and Morg & I photographed their amazing day, all the while participating in the wedding itself. My older brother and I actually walked my mum down the aisle as Morgan documenting us holding onto her hands and gave her to my dad. Holy shit, talk about all the feels.

Anywho, back to the point the this post. We are so incredibly thankful for all the humans who booked a photoshoot or video with us (side note you’ll notice that below are some of our fav photos from our 2018 weddings, you can see our videos we shot over at ).

To all of you who booked us for your wedding day, thank you SO much for trusting us, believing in us, for welcoming us into your lives & showing us the real sides of your relationships, for inviting us to dance the night away with you on your wedding day, for introducing us to your friends & families just like we were a part of them, for being such chill brides & grooms, for trusting us, and for inspiring our creativity & making our jobs so damn awesome.

Xoxo - The MacLeans