What to Wear to your Engagement Photoshoot: {Vancouver Engagement Photographer}

What to Wear

One of our favourite ways to get to know our couples even more is through an engagement session! All of our wedding packages include a complimentary engagement shoot because we believe it’s SO important for you to know us just like we wanna know you two! We want to be invited into your wedding day, into your relationship, and one of the best ways we can do is through your engagement shoot!


Engagement Session Tips

I’ve talked about how best to prepare and take advantage of this memorable date night aka your engagement shoot before (here’s a link to that blog post right here: https://www.themacleans.ca/blog/engagement-session-tips), but today, I wanted to take a deeper dive into outfits that really photograph well, and work well with our shooting style.

Outfits that Allow for Movement

First things first, you should know how Morg and I shoot. We LOVE capturing real, authentic, and genuine emotions and connection between our couples. Being highschool (pretty much) sweethearts, we are pretty crazy about each other, and we really have no shame in tasteful PDA and showing the world just how much we love each other. How this physical touch love language translates at our engagement and couples shoots is a TON of running around, dancing, and silly games. There will also be a lot of sitting and climbing into each other’s laps, piggy back rides and snuggles at our shoots, which means you need to wear outfits to your engagement or couples session that allow for this kind of movement.

Seasonal Outfit Ideas

For this portion of the shoot, we recommend you wear something that is comfortable yet flattering for both of you. Keep in mind that the weather will help shape what you should wear, for example:

Warm Summer Time Outfits:
Something like high waisted shorts + crop tops, or a romper, a cute hat and birkenstocks or barefoot for you, and pants, converse and and a plain tshirt for him.

Cold Winter Outfits:
For him a sherpa lined jacket with a white or black top underneath, blundstones, and a cozy toque, for you a buffalo plaid jacket, a white bodysuit, and some Levis.

At Home Sessions:
Or my all time favourite, at home sessions I’m obsessed with body suits with an oversized cardigan on you, and him going topless with some good fitting jeans. Perfection!

Fancy Pants

Next, we love something a little fancier, these are your engagement photos after all and who doesn’t love to dress up! Flowy maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and a jean jacket look bomb diggity on ladies, and for your boo a nice pair of pants, a brown chelsea boot, a belt and a nice button down look SO friggen good, I literally cannot even!

Complimentary colours/patterns

You’ll want to compliment each other but not be too matchy matchy. Long are the days gone for getting everyone in dark jeans and a white tshirt at photoshoots, and thank god, it’s always nice when what you plan on wearing something that also complements what your sweetheart is wearing, without matching too much. Neutrals are a great way to do this, nothing with really loud obnoxious graphics or neon colours, oh my goodness!

Bonus tips:

  • If you are unsure about an outfit, at all, I absolutely love it when our couples bring a variety of outfit options or email me before our shoot with outfit ideas. I’ll be able to let you know what pairs well with each other and what will work well with the environment/location we are shooting at.

  • Thinking about where you are shooting and if what you are wearing works well with that environment is really important! Will we be hiking or on the beach? Heels probably aren’t the best idea, but a sexy swimsuit and barefoot is perfection! Will we be wandering around little coffee shops at Granville Island? A long flowy dress and dress pants will work amazing here!

  • Be yourselves! Most importantly, we want you to look back at this collection of photos and recognize the two humans totally buttcrazy in love! Wear clothes that compliment who you two are, what you feel confident in, and are a reflection of you!

  • Want even more resources on what to wear to your engagement photoshoot? Here’s our Pinterest board full of ideas https://www.pinterest.ca/themacleansco/outfit-ideas-for-couples/