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This page covers:

Why do you need an engagement shoot?

What to expect

What to wear

Where/when to do shoot your engagement shoot

Let’s schedule your shoot


We plan on spending SO much friggen time with you both on your wedding day, probably more than anyone else (it's kinda like we have a VIP pass to your big day, heck yes). Your engagement shoot is an excellent way for you and your sweetcheeks to get out all the crazies and nerves out while being in front of a camera, get comfortable being in love in front of Kels, & of course, create some great memories with photos that showoff just how friggen cute you two are so you can spam the shit out of your friends and family. We want to get to know the real you guys, we want to be more than your wedding photographers, we want to be wiping away our tears during the speeches at your wedding, laughing with you and the girls getting ready, we care about you both, and we so appreciate you supporting us. That's exactly why we give complimentary engagement shoots with every single wedding photography package.
When you know a date (or a few dates) that would work best for you two, please shoot Kels an email and we’ll book a shoot that works for everyone’s schedules


WHAT TO WEAR to your engagement shoot

pitt meadows engagement photographer

We always recommend choosing two outfits for an engagement shoot. First option, a more dressed up, polished look tends to work well here. For example, a lovely dress, nice new pants with snazzy new top work perfectly. Nothing with loud graphics or logos please, they tend to be distracting and take away from your lovely faces. Neutral colours as a main, and one pop of colour or a pattern can be super flattering.

The second option is a more casual outfit is always a nice idea, something that is a bit more you and your fiance. We want you to look back and recognize the beautiful people looking back at you in the photo, not strangers.

BONUS TIP: If you’re getting a makeup and hair trial before your big day, I highly recommend doing it the morning of your engagement shoot. That way you’ll know you’ll look your absolute best in a stress free way and you won’t waste all the time and hard-work that was put into your trial session.

What to bring:
Beers, champagne, wine, a little liquid courage is always encouraged at our shoots. A willingness to be silly with Kels is always appreciated.

Here’s a link to our Pinterest board for a boatload of visual ideas!



Where we do your engagement shoot is entirely up to you two! Is there a particular place that means something to you both, like where you had your first date, your fav summer vacation place, or the place he popped the question? We are always happy to offer suggestions on locations based on what you have envisioned for this sweet date night.

Our engagement shoots tend to last up to 2 hours in length (depending on your package/if we are going to multiple locations etc), but we always recommend blocking off about 2 hours for this session.

We CANNOT emphasize this enough, golden hour is our JAM! Golden hour tends to be around the first hour of the day that the sun rises, and the last hour of the day while the sun sets. Golden hour provides a beautiful glow of well, golden light, around our couples that makes everything look super drool worthy. We will scheduled your engagement shoot to be either 2 ish hours around sunrise, or sunset, whichever you lovebugs prefer.


You'll receive your engagement gallery roughly 12 weeks after your photoshoot, but let's be real, Kels is SO pumped about getting this gallery to you you'll see a few sneak peaks before that & we normally have a turnaround time of 8 weeks during busy season, and 6 weeks during off season. You'll get your images via online gallery, with instructions on how to view & save all the high resolution goodies. Please ensure your engagement shoot is booked with enough time in mind for the editing process in case you’d like to use any photos for your Save the Dates, invites, decor at your venue etc.

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