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There are 2 halves that make up the team of The MacLeans, this right here is Kelsey aka Kels! Here are some fun facts about her:
1. Kels is our main photographer, she’ll be the one you have your engagement shoot with and will be more or less constantly in your face sneaking around snapping adorable photos on your wedding day.
2. Kels runs our social media! She’s a marketing nerd with plenty of years of experience running multiple businesses social media accounts, and if you wanna see a whole lot of our profesh selfies, you can creep our personal instagram: instagram.com/themacleansco
3. She’s also the one in our inbox! 9 times outta 10, she’s the one you’ll be chatting with over there.
4. She’s a gym monkey, and exercise fanatic. Got a macros question? Need a green smoothie recipe that doesn’t taste like dirt? Wanna go for a walking meeting? She’s your girl.


Wowsa, see that handsome guy right there? That’s Morgan, aka Morg! Here are some fun facts about this human:
1. Morg is our main videographer, he’ll be the one taking the lead when it comes to film/video on your wedding day, capturing all the sweet vows you’ve spent so much time hand writing, and capturing all those sweet dance moves you’ve busted out at the end of the night.
2. He obtained his Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts from Capilano, where he learnt all kinda cool things like how to work on a giant ass film set, lighting a scene perfectly, and how to write a wicked screen play.
3. When he’s not shooting weddings, Morg loves shooting video for businesses, we both truly believe that video is the best marketing medium to help businesses connect with consumers, and Morg is awesome at translating brand messages into a beautiful video. You can creep over here: https://www.maclean.media/

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