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Timeline Suggestions and Advice

madison devon bc backyard wedding

Getting ready: 60 minutes
Think carefully about the location that you'd like to get ready at on the morning of your wedding. Our personal preference is an Airbnb, nothing like a little homey unique touch of having a place all to yourselves for you & your girls to sleep in a little, make breaky, & have your hair & makeup artist come pamper you all morning.

We strongly encourage that you set up for hair & makeup in front of a window, in a clutter free (or as much as possible) room. Natural lighting is the bomb digity & setting up in front of a window allows for that soft lighting to hit you all so perfectly.

To make things run a lot faster, we suggest that you gather ALL items you'd like documented before they are on you, such as your wedding dress, shoes, rings, etc. in one place, so that as soon as we arrive we may shoot these items then get back to focusing on you & your girls.

Ceremony: 30-45 minutes

Where & when you have your ceremony are super important for photo and video. If you are having a summer wedding, we suggest you consider having your ceremony site somewhere with a good deal of shade. If not, then you may be left in direct sunlight, which will have your guests super warm (in the summer time), & will create harsh lines/bright & dark spots on you & your hubby during your vows.

Family Portraits: 3-4 minutes per grouping, 30 minute total
First up, we 110% recommend shooting your family portraits ASAP after your ceremony, close to the actual ceremony site or on the venue. This as well as having your officiant make a brief announcement at the end of your ceremony as to where family portraits will take place, provides a greater chance that uncle bob won't wander off to get a drink and delay the portraits by 10-15 minutes.

About a month before your wedding we'll send you out a questionnaire that goes over your family list, having you list each & every single person that you & your partner want photos with, and a suggested family formal list. Depending on the length of your list we recommend around 30 minutes for these portraits.

Wedding party & Bride/Groom portraits: 60-120 minutes
We recommend going off-site for the wedding party and bride/groom portraits. Staying on site tends to encourage guests to linger/try to chat/watch you closely during this part of the day, and really takes away from the natural awesome moments that happen with you guys and your gang. We don't want you guys to feel like you are "performing" at all. We are happy to make recommendations based on your venue site as to where we could do portraits as well. We also like to split these portraits up, first we do all wedding party as a whole including both sides of the wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen), then we like to take you and your cutie away from the group, again for privacy & that whole ya know less awkward feelings situation. We kindly ask for a minimum of 1 hour for these portraits, any more is greatly appreciated, and any less will make things a bit more stressful to fit it all in & really get the most out of your photos/video.

Sunset portraits: 15 minutes
Remember your engagement shoot? That golden delicious glow of sunrise/sunset? Well we want to bottle all of that up on your wedding day for 10-15 minutes for some bonus portraits. We recommend this RIGHT around sunset, just you & your sweetie, for 10 minutes of some bonus photos. These portraits are some of our most favourite photos/video of the day, the anxiety of the day has worn off, the pressure is off, and you two will look like the most beautiful golden goddesses/gods ever!

Whonnock Lake Maple Ridge Wedding Photographer

Suggested Sample Timelines

*Based on an 8 hour package*


Summer time Weddings

2:00-3:00pm Photog/Videog start time/getting ready coverage
4:00-4:30 Ceremony
4:30-5:00 Family formal photos
5:00-6:30 Wedding party + bride & groom portraits off site (cocktail hour)
6:30-7:30 Dinner
7:30 - 8:30 Dessert/cake cutting, speeches
8:30 - 8:50 Sunset portraits
8:50 First dances (with spouse, ma & pa)
9:00 Dance floor opens everyone dances
9:30 bouquet & garter toss
10:00 Photog/videog leave


Winter time weddings

1:00-2:00 Photog/Videog start time/getting ready coverage
2:30-4:00 First look, wedding party + bride & groom portraits
4:00-4:30 Family Formals
4:30-5:00 Freshen up time
5:30-6:00 Ceremony
6:00-7:00 Dinner
7:00-8:00 Dessert /cake cutting & speeches
8:00-8:15 First dances (w/ spouse, ma & pa)
8:15 Dance floor opens everyone dances
8:30 Bouquet & garter toss
9:00 Photog/videog leave


Fall & Spring Time Weddings

2:00-3:00 Photog/Videog start time/getting ready
4:00-4:30 Ceremony
4:30-5:00 Family portraits
5:00-6:30 Wedding party + bride & groom portraits off site (cocktail hour)
6:30-7:30 Dinner
7:30-8:30 Dessert/cake cutting & speeches
9:00-9:15 First dances (w/spouse, ma & pa)
9:15 Dance floor opens everyone dances
9:45 Bouquet & garter toss
10:00 Photog/Videog leave